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Manned Guarding Services

Plain clothes or high profile uniformed officers protecting your premises 24 hours a day, or during periods when   premises are unattended. Our personnel can carry out all the general duties required by any assignment and also specific site requirements such as Health and Safety Checks, Fire Extinguisher records and many more. All security officers are SIA licensed and BS 7499 & BS:7858 Manned Guarding & Vetting Standards.

Construction Site Security

We are specialized in providing security personnel for construction Industry. Our Staff are trained to the highest standard required for big construction Projects.

We have specialised in the power utility sector providing a security solution tailored to our clients needs combining manned guarding with the latest technology. We have been a provider for the power transmission industry for several years with an unblemished record.

Mobile Patrol

In this role, the guards usually have responsibility for a number of buildings or sites and they patrol these at irregular intervals so that their movements are not predictable. Our guards are the first to attend if a burglar/intruder alarm is activated and they have a communications capability in order to contact their own base and/or any of the emergency services. They also carry out duties such as office or factory open and closure procedures.

Hospital Security

Casualty departments are becoming increasingly busy, resulting in overcrowding, providing a potential flash point for violence or anti social behavior. Auxilium Services personnel are trained to deal with such incidents and relieve medical staff from the burden of security conflicts leaving them free to deal with medical matters.

Reception Staff

Corporate Security Officers are trained to maintain a high level of mannerism and polite first impression which covers the aspect of professionalism in order to meet the requirements of  corporate sector. They are first point of contact for your visitors ,polite and courteous, efficient and vigilant, trained and professional.

Cark Park Attendant

Car park attendant is provided not only to protect vehicles and its property but the drivers who are using the facility. Providing a safer environment for people to park will result in the facility being used more widely and will encourage business to expand and develop.

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